Styling Leopard Shoes

The other week I was flipping through a magazine that declared leopard shoes go with everything. I decided to test this with some Polyvore styling. Below are outfits ranging from casual to office, neutral to bright, day to night, all using the same Calvin Klein calf hair pump.

Green and Yellow


Leopard and Stripes

Leopard Goes Out

Cozy Coco and Cream

Neon Blazer, Leopard Heels

Brown, Mustard, Black

City Chic

With the brown and the black, they certainly add a punch to some outfits. If you already have a few statement pieces in your outfit, the leopard just becomes louder. Personally, I prefer a punch of color to a bit of print. Would you wear leopard shoes with everything?


Yvette Sandy said…
Its great to style leopard shoes. I think that leopard shoes looks great along with black jeans. I know that they would be interested to try it sometime.

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