Project Design: White Collar

Jael Paris has been covering detective style this week, which I love. Lately, though, I seem to be getting my crime-solving fix from shows about quirky consultants for government agencies. My brother got my hooked on White Collar because he's obsessed with Neil Caffrey's wardrobe. He has every right to be. Actually, I'm obsessed with Neil's wardrobe--it's my second favorite character after Mozzie. During the latest episode, the name of the show got me thinking about the power of a white collar in any look. Which of these detachable white collars would you use to make your look pop? (Or to disguise your dress while you pull an epic con).

White Detachable Collar by Ollegoria

Pearl embroidery Peter Pan Collar by aynurdereli

Pleated White Collar by espendru

Victorian Lace Collar by RFDbyRachelFrank

White Polka Dot Collar by ShopHollyDolly


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