Pick of the Week: Gingham Dress

Years ago, I bought a full-skirted black and white gingham sundress from Forever 21. I get compliments on it all the time. The retro charm of a gingham dress must be immensely popular, because I wanted to share an inexpensive blue one with you a couple months ago, but it sold out in a matter of days. I've been on the hunt ever since, and this red Zooey dress just popped up at Pin-Up Girl. At $128, it's pricier than other ones I've seen, but it has even more retro appeal and super cute buttons. Love the waist-slimming, bust-enhancing detail. Were I wearing this dress, I would constantly feel like the star of my own country-themed musical. Oh, the petticoats would swish, my friend. They would swish indeed.


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