Etsy Shop of the Week: Krukrustudio

Shop: Krukrustudio

Why We Love It:Well, they sell a TARDIS bag. We could really stop explaining there, but there is so much more to these quirky sculture bags. No they are the most functional purses, but who cares. These bags are so creatively made and bring wonderful playfulness to fashion. Also, plenty of Anglo-mania (Dalek, Sherlock, Big Ben, Double Decker Bus, ect.) makes this the perfect shop feature during the London Olympics.

Price Range: $38 - $190

Links: Blog

Favorite Items:

Pictured in Slideshow: Blue Felt TARDIS Bag $180; Felt Dalek Bag $190; Big Ben Bag $170; Red Felt London Bus Pouch $38; Keep Calm Sherlock Bag $95; Green Felt Post Envelope Bag $105; Orange Felt Milk Can Bag $145; Grey Felt Dirigible Purse $145; Vintage Zenit Camera Felt Bag $165; Eiffel Tower Silver Bag $155; Brown Felt Piano Bag $170

Pictured Above Right:  Red London Phone Booth Bag $150


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