Back to School: 3 Top Jeans for Curvy Girls

Whether you are going back to school, back to college or just ready to get back to fall weather, it's coming soon. While I love my flouncy skirts for summer, I love my jeans and jackets in the fall (OK, I also love my flouncy skirts with tights, but this is a jeans post). I'm curvy, which means finding jeans a little more difficult. These are my three top go-to places for curvy girl jeans. I have owned each of these and would consider buying or have bought them again*.

Top 3 Curvy Fit Jeans

1. 1969 Curvy Jeans, Gap, $69.95
These are by far the best fitting jeans I've ever owned. This is how jeans should fit (if you're curvy). I never have to pull them up or adjust them or worry about gapping. I was carefree in these wonderful jeans. My main complaint is that they only held up for a few months. That would be find if they didn't cost $70 and rarely go on sale. (But they have some of last season's washes on sale right now!)

2. Sweetheart Fit Jeans, Old Navy, $29.50
As Gap's cheaper sibling it's makes sense that Old Navy would have an almost as good, but cheaper version of my Gap favorite. I have two pairs of Sweetheart jeans. One pair has held up for over a year and was my only pair of jeans for most of that time. They do gap a little and sometimes I have to tug on them. Also, they are higher of a rise than I like. Still, second to Gap they're one of the best fits out there (and I've tried on every pair of curvy jeans stores in Metro-Detroit carry). Old Navy also has a lot of killer sales. I got my first pair for $15 and my second pair for $19.

3. American Rag Curvy Fit, Macy's, $54 (regularly, currently on sale for $44)
This is the skinny version of this fit, but I own the classic bootcut, which is not currently listed on their site. I love them. They aren't quite the quality of the two above, but they come in much trendier shapes and washes. They are juniors sized, but I think juniors often does curvy better. They seem to be sold out of the other curvy styles, but they usually offer quite a range of styles and sizes. If you order online, order the juniors size up one from your usual jean size, not down. Also, because of the quality, I would wait for a sale and use a coupon. (Mine cost $15 after sale and coupons). These aren't going to hold up for a long time. My first pair lasted a year. I hope to get that long out of my current pair.

*Short disclaimer: I own these jeans from previous seasons. I pray they haven't changed them.


perstef said…
If you have gaping with the sweetheart jean at ON you should try the "dreamer." It sits a little higher, but I haven't had any gaping like I did with ON's other fits.

Thanks for posting the other options! Anything that cuts down on the frustration of jean shopping is awesome.

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