Review: e.l.f. Zit Zapper

I don't frequently have problems with breakouts. My skin is, thankfully, pretty clear. However, when the occasional zit does choose to pop-up, it likes to do so it obvious places like right between my eyes. Because zits aren't a regular problem, I'm usually not prepared. My full tube of zit cream is always expired (and funky smelling) when I really need it.

I got sick of buying $5+ tubes of zit medicine only to throw most of them out, so I happily bought the e.l.f. Zit Zapper for $1 at Target when I found it. I've been using it for a while now, and it's probably the best skin care value I've ever found.

  • Price. You can't beat $1. At that price you could buy one for home, one for your bag and one for your desk/locker/glove box/etc...
  • Effectiveness. It zapped my zits. Stubborn ones took a couple of days, but a few smaller ones vanished overnight.
  • Gentleness. It was harsh enough on the zits or banish them, but it didn't irritate my sensitive skin.
  • Ingredients. It contains salicylic acid, which won't bleach pillow cases like my benzoyl peroxide cream. Also, the natural additions of tea tree oil and witch hazel are great bonuses for zapping zits.
  • Application. The medicine comes in a little tube fitted with an easy-to-apply rollerball tip.
  • Size. The slim tube will fit in any purse, travel bag or makeup kit so I can always have it with me when I notice a problem popping up.
  • Look. The package features a chic, simple look. It's not a clunky tube and it doesn't look like a drugstore product. 
  • Bonus use.* Because of the witch hazel and tea tree oil, it helps relieve the itch of bug bites, at least until you can get home and use a better itch relief product.
  • Spot Treatment. This product is for treating a few problem zits not all-over acne. This is a pro for me, but a con if you're looking to fight more widespread skin problems.
  • Effectiveness. It was effective enough for me, but it doesn't work as quickly as benzoyl peroxide or other stronger acne products. (It also doesn't bleach linens so I'm OK with that). 
  • Popularity. The first time I saw this at Target there was only one, opened one left. It took me a long time to find another one because they were always sold out. 
Overall, I give the Zit Zapper two thumbs up.

*I'm not a dermatologist or skin care expert. I don't know if this product is all that great to use on bug bites. I know witch hazel is good for itch relief so I tried it in a pinch, and it helped.


Catie D. said…
E.L.F. is the best makeup I've ever used. I have the 150 or so eyeshadow pack, most of their lipstick, and eyeliners. Right now, they're tinted moisturizer is AMAZING, and perfect for summer. My face is all the same color, but it's not greasy or cakey.

I recommend all of this makeup to everyone. =D
Catie D. said…
their* tinted moisturizer

Oh, the horror of a misused "there/their/they're" !
Jael Paris said…
I second the E.L.F. love, but like becca, I have trouble finding it in stores.
becca said…
Catie, thanks for the tinted moisturizer tip. I've been wanting to try one, but not really wanted to buy one. I'll keep an eye out for e.l.f.'s.
Skin Pigments said…
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