Project Design: Maxi Skirts

Maxi skirts seem to be in every store right now. I actually love them, but I have a problem. I went to a private school with a strict, lont-skirts-only dress code. It was the late 90s and early 00s so it was mini or maxi. A nice, knee-length skirt was nowhere to be found. So I wore frayed denim skirts, sweeping boho skirts and khaki cargo skirts for years. Now, most of these maxi skirts remind me too much of high school, but Etsy has some much more unique offerings. Which is your favorite?

Grey Neo-Victorian Skirt by blasphemina

Paneled Jersey Maxi Skirt by RiordanRoache

High Waisted Floral Maxi Skirt by TammyJoFashion

Contrast Pocket Maxi Skirt by idea2lifestyle

Big Pocket Maxi Skirt by Sophiaclothing

Sexy Jersey Fishtail Maxi Skirt by LanaStepul

Silk Pleated Maxi Skirt by hilarymacmillan

The Maxi Skirt Carina Nebula by shadowplaynyc


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