Project Design: Going Swimmingly

Like it or not, it's swimsuit shopping season--the time to nab the cute suit before they are gone and find a fun suit before it's too late to wear it. If you want to skip the shops and order a custom suit, Etsy is the place to look. Which of these splendid suits suit you best?

Stripes & Polk Dots High Waisted Bikini by meshalo

Abigale Bow-eautiful One-Piece Swimsuit by CollectiveHearts

Paris Tankini with Boy Shorts by PersonaSwim

Long Ruffle Bikini Top by LoveLucyBea

Tuxedo Suit by FablesbyBarrie 

Regency Paisley Bandeau High Waist Bikini by Harajuku 

The Barbie Striped Suit by TaniThompson 

Fifi Pink Ruffled Swimsuit by VintageSuitsbyMary


Jennifer Wells said…
Pink and ruffled, yes please!

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