Please, Solve My Marital Fashion Debate

Years ago while on the hunt for a slip to wear under a semi-sheer summer dress, my mother suggested just buying a coordinating night gown. This was a simple and brilliant solution as slips have been almost entirely replaced by body shapers. My husband (and now my mother because she forgot she gave me the idea) thinks it's a little weird to wear your pajamas in public, but I feel the hem of my night gown showing under a skirt is a little different than trying to pass off fleece sock monkey jammie pants as jeans.

Lately I've been frustrated with the length of some of my dresses and thought slips and nighties would once again save the day. I even bought two colorful vintage slips with decorative hems from Boudoir Barbie. To me, wearing these slips with the hems peeking out from under my skirts looks intentional, like part of the outfit. Again, husband thinks it's weird. Aside from several sweet old ladies at church discreetly informing me that my lingerie was showing, I don't think that many people are going to see peach lace and think underwear.

Above is the polka dot nightie and summer frock that started things. The second image has the ruffle of a different nightie accenting the neckline of the top. The last two outfits are paired with slips I just purchased. (Oh, and I made the skirt in the last picture, thank you very much.)

Am I right, is this a good styling solution to keep my booty covered? Or is my husband right and it's just like fleece sock monkey pants?


jovin said…
nice post :)
mind to follow each other?
Jennifer Wells said…
"fleece sock monkey jammie pants"

This sentence confused me at first, but now that I know what you're talking about, ick. I hate it.

If you're going to wear pjs in public, make them at least attractive.

I wouldn't think you were wearing a nightgown in any of those photos.
Anonymous said…
Funny you should post about this because I did the exact same thing the other day. I had a sheer tunic/dress thing that needed a bit more coverage. My gray nightie was the perfect solution :)
Rachel said…
I think it's brilliant and love it.
becca said…
I like it. It's a clever solution!
Jennifer said…
I like the first two pictures but the proportions seem off in the second two views .
With the short skirt in the last pic I think that capri leggings might be a better bootie cover . I like a lacey petticote/slip peeping out and showwing the lace -that looks intentional and not like a faux pas. The slip in the last pic looks like you didn't have the correct length and may have tried rolling it shorter and it unrolled itself = wardrobe malfunction . A fluffier shorter petti/slip would be cute/ steampunky (depending on styling) too.
Good job on the skirt you sewwed it looks nice ! Well done!

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