Open Poll: Wedding Packing

Here are some words I never thought I'd say: I'm going to Japan for my roommate's wedding. I've been to Japan, and I'd expected to travel abroad for a wedding at some point *cough becca cough*. I didn't expect my roommate to be getting married. Needless to say, I'm thrilled for her and I look forward to meeting this man of hers in person in October.

Since college, every wedding I've been to has been in a different state. The only wedding I've been involved in was four hours away in Detroit. (And may I so humbly say that I am super bridesmaid? There will be no fainting on my watch. Drink this water. DRINK IT! You look lovely.) Weddings are not the easiest thing to pack for even if your outfit has already been picked out for you. The dresses usually require special undergarments. The shoes may require band-aids, and if there's dancing you may require other shoes. You can't always just throw mascara in your purse lest you look washed out in pictures. While we're past the era of elaborate updos, you still don't want to frizz out. Outdoor weddings often require sunscreen and bug spray. And then there's the additional arsenal you bring if you're in the bridal party and are trying to anticipate the needs of a nervous friend who is about to have a really big day.

How do you pack for an out-of-town wedding? Do you throw everything in a bag and hope you didn't forget anything? Do you have a wedding survival kit? Do you pack as normal and make frequent trips to the store for what you forgot?


Jennifer Wells said…
Oh, how funny, my brother is getting married this weekend, and yes, it's out of town.

I'm not in the wedding party, but my son is the ring-bearer, so we do have a fair bit of preparation to do.

I try to pack light, and take smaller amounts of things that I need, and ONLY things that I need.

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