Touch of Color

Neon can be a hard trend to get in on, but there are ways to dip your toe in the water. One way neon is popping up this season is in color blocking. Tan, grey, white or black with an accent of hot pink, neon yellow or even sky blue feels so fresh. Click through the gallery below for plenty of color blocked shoes and bags.

If you're not interested in buying more accessories right now, Love Maegan has a great tutorial for updating some old leather shoes using nail polish!


Jennifer Wells said…
To hear that something is a very fresh trend resonated with me right now because I'm going through a serious purge of things my family no longer needs.

So the flip side to this would be, what do you think people need to get rid of? What feels newly dated right now?

In high school I was hyperly sensitive to trends. I was much better at describing things that were "so last year."
Jael Paris said…
I care about trends because it influences my shopping. For example, vests were really trendy a few years ago, and I should have stocked up. Items themselves aren't so much out of style as the way you wear them. You could still wear a floral baby doll dress right now, but wear it with espadrilles and a vintage necklace instead of the Doc Martens and Blossom hat you sported in the 90s. Hmm, I feel a Polyvore post coming on...
Jael Paris said…
Thought of something! High-waisted, acid wash jeans. Don't wear them.
Jennifer Wells said…
Oh my goodness, I have visions of Cavariccis (sp?) dancing through my head.

Can't wait for the Polyvore post!

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