Project Design: Easter Dresses

When I was a little girl, getting my Easter dress was one of the biggest events of the year for me. One year, my mom took me shopping at Crowley's (a now-closed, upscale department store in Metro-Detroit) where I found a pink dress with poofy sleeves, lace, ruffles at the collar, and a bow in the back. I had to have it. It was the only dress I wanted, and my mom actually got it for it me. I remember begging in the store. I think she watched for a sale before buying for me so I probably worried about it for weeks. I felt like a princess wearing it with tights, Mary Janes, lace gloves, a matching hair bow, and a cute purse to church that Sunday. I remember definitely having the best dress that day. (I can't remember how old I was, maybe 7-ish). Which of these Easter dresses makes the little girl inside of you want to beg her mommy for it?

Yellow Polka Dot Dress by MichelleTan
Soft Cotton Floral Dress by Leanimal
Hyacinth Sweetheart Dress by DigForVictory
Aqua Ruffle Jersey Dress by carolhannah
Silk Spring Dress by Mirthquake
Peach Floral Applique Dress by kimeradesign


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