Poll: Origin of Species

A toggle-clasp crest necklace got me all excited until I saw it was a replica of something from the Twilight movies. Pass. It's not that I don't still like the necklace, but I find breathless Twihards difficult enough to deal with without yelling, "Edward is a freaking obsessive stalker! This is a classic tale of abuse!" so I don't want to invite Twilight conversations.

In high school, a friend of my mother's gave me a necklace she used to wear in high school. It was a simple silver chain with a blue heart pendant. The next year, Titanic flooded theaters. As I'm not a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio, James Cameron or romances, I've managed to avoid seeing this cultural behemoth. I stopped wearing the necklace when a classmate felt inspired to share with me, "I can't believe the boat sank! I knew it happened in, like, history and stuff, but you'd think they'd want to give the movie a happy ending."

Yet, I'd still wear Hammer pants.


becca said…
It depends on the item. If I really really love it then I don't care.

However, if it became popular because of something I really really hate, I'd try to wear it place where I didn't think I'd run into fans.

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