Etsy Shop of the Week: Atelier Signature

Shop: Atelier Signature

Why We Love It: This shop offers wearable art with a line of van Gogh inspired dresses. In additional to the art dresses, there are cute dresses and skirts and a line of skirt and dress pairings that can be worn together or separately. You can even order these affordable sets in a variety of custom colors.

Price Range: $22 - $360

More Info: Many of the items are made from lovely vintage fabrics. For more vintage visit the owner's vintage shop, Studio Nostalgia.

Favorite Items: The Café Terrace by Vincent van Gogh Dress $49.99 (pictured); Romantic Soft Taupe Dress $59.99; Dress/Skirt/Sash Combo $59.99; Lace Skirt and Top Combo $88.99; Pink and Grey Vincent van Gogh Dress $49.99


Free.At.Last. said…
Do not buy from this shop. This buyer is HORRIBLE to communicate with. I ordered 3 dresses from her and then cancelled two days later because I read ALL of her reviews and discovered her bridesmaid dresses all had bad reviews. When I cancelled and asked for a refund, she never replied! I then left a negative rating on her Etsy site and she replied ten minutes later telling me to take down my review or she wasn't refunding my $324! I have now had to file a paypal claim with her to try to get my money back!! DO NOT USE!!!!
ruxandra said…
that person can't do anything right. she can't sew (the dress i ordered from her was poorly put together, crooked stitches, inaesthetic creases and asymmetries all over), can't measure (she sent me an undersized sash to match the dress), can't keep her word, can't write.

after sending me a wrong size item, she failed to respond to my requests twice, misspelled my address once (consequently, that article never reached me) and lied to me repeatedly.
if you do mention that you are about to write a bad (which is to say accurate) review, indeed, then she will immediately turn into an anxious lamb and trade you various services (e.g., refund/exchange + shipping cost) to ensure you never write it.
well, in my case she stalled like that for months, so i'd miss the 60-day review interval on

very untrustworthy, dishonest person and an incompetent tailor.

she's only there to maintain a 'thriving' business facade, which in reality seems to have crumbled long ago.
I agree with the others. She got our order wrong and it arrived late. So late that I didn't have a dress for my sisters wedding. Then they just vanished. The store disapeared from Etsy.

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