April Showers: Umbrella Shopping

When I went to Italy, I loved getting caught in the rain. The umbrella salesman seemed to sprout from the cobblestone as soon as the first few raindrops dropped. Sadly, Italian umbrella salesman don't pop up everywhere rain falls down so we have to come prepared with our own umbrellas. The upside is we get to pick out really cute ones when we buy before the rain comes.Pictured:
Critter Owl Umbrella, Target, $16.99
Polka Dot Umbrella, pare*umbrella, $65
Monet Waterlilies Umbrella, Raindrops, $45
Venice Umbrella, Cool Stuff Express, $19.99

Italian Lace Umbrella, The Met Store, $20
Clear Bubble Umbrella, Target, $16.99
Scenic Paris Umbrella, Raindrops, $125
Spring Yard Pagoda Umbrella, pare*umbrella, $80


Rachel said…
The yellow polka dot umbrella is one of the best gifts you ever got me. I use it all the time. :)
Jennifer Wells said…
I think the bubble umbrella would be the most practical. I like the tranquility of the Paris scene umbrella, too.

I chose a bright pink umbrella for myself, because it's a cheery color against the grayness!
I love the yellow polka dot umbrella, it is so beautiful!

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