Project Design: Nest Egg

Last week, Jael wrote about bunnies (both the pets and the jewelry) so I thought I'd tackle another Easter theme this week--Eggs. Whether you prefer to dye the real ones, munch the little chocolate ones, gobble the jelly ones, crack open the cream-filled ones or hunt the plastic ones, no doubt you'd be delighted to find one of these egg-themed necklaces in your Easter basket this year. Which is your favorite?

Baby Bird and Nest Necklace by DelicacyJ
Love Birds with Nest Necklace by metamorph
Bird Egg Lariat Necklace by ManoCelebrates
Bird Nest on Tree Branch Necklace by ACupOfSparkle
Branch and Blue Bird Necklace by blockpartypress
Nest Egg Locket Necklace by lusciouslockets
Eggs in Nest Necklace by WhiteGooseEmporium


Jael Paris said…
For the record, cream filled eggs are gross.
becca said…
Jael, I completely agree.
Jael Paris said…
It's like someone blew their nose in a candy shell. Maybe they did. Wonkan sadists.

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