Poll: Milan Makeup

Milan featured a slew of fabulous faces. Bleached brows were a big trend, and these were the first runways to feature lipstick!

White and black liner with black wings at Giorgio Armani.

Pink and angelic at Dolce & Gabbana.

Bleached brows and deep red lips at Gucci.

Reddish eye shadow with white accents at Marni.

Peacock eyes at Roberto Cavalli.

Bleached brows and heavy lack shadow at Versace.


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Image source: style.com and vogue.com.


Love the armani Eyes but the deep red lipstick on the 3rd one!
Daisy Dayz
Nora Bradshaw said…
I chose Marni. Not necessarily something I'd wear, but it's the only thing I' haven't seen before.

Gucci's look seems straight outta 1995 to me.

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