Paris Fashion Week FW12: Jean Paul Gaultier, Manish Arora, Vivienne Westwood

Who: Jean Paul Gaultier
What it made us think of: Detroit's street racers at their corporate day jobs.
What we liked: sheer sweaters, heeled oxfords, leather jackets, leather dresses, a reconstructed feel, punky hair, graffiti prints in conservative business cuts, metallic
What we didn't: sheer sweaters aren't warm, faux waist-tied tops, some 80s cuts

Who: Manish Arora
What it made us think of: A secret garden co-op run by street artists.
What we liked: shoes, fun floral prints, full skirts, bold stripes, wide belts, blown-up graffiti prints,
What we didn't: smoking mouth print, the complete lack of detail shots
Who: Vivienne Westwood
What it made us think of: An awkward teen girl struggles with the loss of her beloved grandfather.
What we liked: sharp shoulders, tapestry, tights, the shiny
What we didn't: UGLY PLATFORM SHOES!!, unfinished hems,

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