Summer Nautical

Some fashionistas call nautical a trend, but since it pops up every summer, I'd say it's a staple. Nautical style comes from traditional sailing themes like stripes, wide leg sailor pants, rope, anchors, shells, etc. The color scheme is based around signal flags. While red, blue and white are the colors most commonly associated with this look, yellow and black are other acceptable colors.

I've read several complaints about the nautical look on other blogs the past few weeks, calling it costumey, but there are ways to avoid that. If you don't want to look like a yacht owner, opt for color block instead of stripes, throw yellow in the mix, or just keep the nautical elements to your accessories.

Maybe it's the Great Lakes influence, but the idea of a costumey sailor look doesn't bother me. I see it as an opportunity to play with flattering prints and colors.

What do you think of the nautical look?


Anonymous said…
Nice nautical-inspired sets! I like summer nautical sets, I think they are fun and cute. For sure living on an island (Montreal) where real sunny summer time is concentrated in a couple of months, it's a pleasure to be able to wear nautical inspired ensembles when we have a chance to stroll down the old port or when having a walk in the many parks along the river!
Couture Carrie said…
Perfect for this and other summer weekends!

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