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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How do you hide a bad hair day? Share your tips!

Last week I had one of my worst hair days in history (since I had the frizzy "before" hair from Princess Diaries during my entire junior high experience). My hair is curly and long. If I let it do it's thing and keep the bangs under control, my hair usually looks at least presentable. But last week it wouldn't do anything. I don't have many hats or much patience for detailed hairstyles so I struggled and the bad hair won.

I tried all the typical options: ponytails, buns, headbands, scarfs, clips and so on. (I ultimately washed my bangs and found a bun my hair would agree to, but I still didn't love it).

What are your tips for taming a bad hair day? Do you have any go to hairstyles or favorite products? Do you just deal with it and let it go?


Nikell said...

I hide my bad hair days with beanies and hats. I also wear half wigs.

Anonymous said...

I usually go to a simple French Twist. It turns bad hair into sleek elegance.

Jael Paris said...

I do my best to pull it back or hide it under a hat. To avert eyes from the hair horror, I'll wear a bold lipstick or big jewelry.

Nora Bradshaw said...

Oy. I put it up.

If it's any consolation, your hair probably didn't look as bad as you think it did.

jessbuurman said...

I think that your hair probably can't look as bad as you think it did.