The Horror: Marc Jacobs' Vision of the Future

We've been having a dandy time on our Facebook page oggling the shoes, bags and other pretties from Fall Winter Fashion Week 2012. Maybe "the pretties" is a stretch. Some things are downright ugly. *cough Vera cough* But this Marc Jacobs horror deserves its own spotlight. I hated the pimp Pilgrim shoes prevalent through most of his show (Just kidding, I hated the entire show), but these are the pits. What is the worst feature? The rhinestone buckles? The "I bought this at Claire's" irridencent sheen? The chunky platform and heel? The nail heads? The tinsel sock? That it's a sandal worn with a sock? Can this shoe possibly be worse?


Taylor said…
Lucky mag on Pinterest pinned a shot of the pilgrim buckle shoes in a bunch of colors. I was horrified and thought, that's a joke, right? I couldn't believe when I saw later that it had been repinned about 50 times in 10 minutes! (Well, if I had a WTF board I probably would have pinned it myself.) So, so fugly.
Nadia said…
I have to ask, you qualify this creation as bad, bad respect to what? respect to a Louboutin? respect to a ethereal universe Elie Sabb? If your answers to these last two questions answer yes, I give answered.

Curiously, I read this post because i was convinced that the word Horror at the beginning of the post was in agreement with this collection which meant essentially anecdotism and irony of Marc Jacobs. To find that does not, I ask, how is it possible to do such a bad review of that emblematic collection and a year later to make a post pro Thom Browne?

Maybe it's a bad creation respect to your website background, or respect the name of your website, right?

It's the bad side of the relationship between fashion and social networks, you can play with that discipline reach of your hand to return it in the form of cheap retired mother opinion.

coherence, please.

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