Fashion 'Round The Web

DIY your own glitter boots (or anything really) without leaving a shiny trail in your wake. (Pretty Shiny Sparkly)

i-D's covers for Chinese New Year do a lovely job of showcasing China's diversity. (The Cut)

Get 30 manicure ideas from fashion week (Bella Sugar)

In a swoon over Downtown Abbey? Then you'll love this exhaustive collection of Edwardian clothing. (Photobucket)

Watch 100 years of fashion dance by in 100 seconds. (Retronaut)

Learn how to make your own zipper flowers. (Instructables)

Susie Bubble has detail photos of the McQ show and the scoop on the after party. (Style Bubble)

Japan has a holiday called Coming of Age Day,which is essentially a suits and kimono dress-up birthday party for everyone who turned 20 that year. (Tokyo Fashion)


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