Year Round Cardigans

I love cardigans. They are perfect for layering. On the coldest days of winter I can layer them over a long sleeve tee and even under a jacket. In the summer, cardigans are light enough to stash in a tote for cool evenings. Fall and spring are obvious cardigan seasons since the temperature is fluctuating. The end of winter is when most cardigans go on sale. Those sold during the spring and summer are usually to lightweight to wear year round so I think the lighter winter cardis are the best buy. All of these are on sale and prime for cold winter days and cool summer nights. (Plus, I love the look of a cardi with a sun dress--very cute). Top:
Tiered Slubbed Cardigan, Kohl's, $40.60 (was $58)
Chiffon-Trim Belted Cardigan, Kohl's, $30 (was $60)
Ruffle Collar Cardigan, Kohl's, $24 (was $60)
Pointelle Cardigan, Target, $12,49 (was $24.99)
Jersey Grandpa Cardigan, Target, $8.74 (was $24.99)
Cocoon Cardigan, Target, $16.08 (was $22.99)
Ruffled Cardigan, Lord & Taylor, $44.24 (was $79)
Ombré printed Cardigan, Coldwater Creek, $13.99 (was $70)
Draped Front Cardigan, Macy's, $34.99 (was $49.50)


Jael Paris said…
I was thinking the other day about how two years ago all the cardigans were ornate and very Emma Pillsbury. I miss that.
Christine Rosko said…
I love cardigans. They compliment any outfit. The lavender one on the top right is my favorite.
Jennifer Wells said…
These are so, so, pretty, but I also like slightly heavier cardigans made from some type of animal fiber, which are a bit warmer--cashmere, alpaca, angora. Wool is great, but tends to be a little bulkier.

These are pricey materials, but I find them all very inexpensively at thrift shops.

I hate, hate, hate being cold!

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