Tops To Enjoy Candy In

Long ago in college, I stopped a poetry class dead in its tracks by trying to explain fat pants to my professor. He was fascinated to learn both that women keep clothes around of varying sizes and also that our weight fluctuates enough for us to need all those sizes in the span of a month. I certainly have items I'll save for more bloated days and I've been known to change out of skinny jeans when headed to my favorite restaurant. If you ended up with a box of chocolates from your Valentine, here are some shirts you can indulge in.

Top: mauve pleat top, Shop Ruche $43.99
yellow flutter sleeve top, Target $17.99
Middle: faux wrap top, Nordstrom $88
ruffled button down with detachable sequin collar and cuffs, Yes Style $128
green contrast trim top, Shop Ruche $34.99
Bottom:  butterfly print top, Old Navy $29.94
black lace dolman sleeve top, Old Navy $19.97 (sale!)


Anonymous said…
I love the floaty dreaminess of the top left one, but I can totally see myself choosing the wrong pants or skirt to wear with it and looking ridiculous.

What would you wear it with? Or is it a dress?

Please forgive my confusion, I didn't even know what mom jeans were until about two years ago.
Jael Paris said…
It's long enough to be considered a tunic, so I'd wear opaque leggings under it. In the summer, bag-waist shorts.
becca said…
Nora, I'd wear it with my skinny jeans or even my straight leg jeans. Depending on the proportions, it could go well with any bottom that doesn't have too much volume like tailored dress pants.

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