Rate the Red Carpet: Oscars 2012

Last week, Jael gave us her annual fashion picks for top Oscar nominees. Now that we know what they actually wore, we're putting it to a vote. Who picked better? Us or them?

Rooney Mara
told Ryan Seacrest that this Givenchy Couture was chosen yesterday morning. I can't imagine picking an Oscar dress was easy for her. I'm sure so many designers were vying for her to wear their gowns, and it was her first big Oscar night. I kind of like her dress. I certainly like it a lot less in photos than I did on television. The detail and movement are lost in the pictures. I like our picks for her better. I especially would have loved to see her in a color. What do you think?
Michelle Williams looked darling in her coral (I know if looks reddish in most photos, but it's coral) Louis Vuitton dress. I really liked it. It's hard to pull off all those ruffles. Jael was hoping for a big ball gown, and I think the Oscars are certainly missing that. However, Michelle ended up in one of my favorite dresses of the night, and she didn't wear anything with a crew neck or neutral color so we can't complain. Do you like it? Where you hoping for more?
Jessica Chastain looked lovely Alexander McQueen. She certainly didn't misstep after making a splash last year in not 1 but 6 films. I like her dress and our options here. I think she did a good job of making sure we won't forget her. What do you think?
We thought it might be interesting to see Glenn Close in a suit, which she sort of wore by pairing a matching jacket with her Zac Posen gown. Maybe she figured a suit would have been too obvious after staring in Albert Nobbs so she only went halfway. I think she totally pulls it off even though seeing her fully commit to an interesting gown or stunning suit might have made for a more lasting red carpet moment. How do you feel about the jacket and gown?


Bronnie said…
I think that Glen Close looks AWESOME! Everything worked and her hair looks great.

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