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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pretty In Pink Dresses

Just because I'm not into Valentine's Day doesn't mean I'm not into heart shaped boxes full of candy and theme dressing. I used to wear all black on Valentine's Day (and eat too much ice cream), but I've chosen to dress like a traditional Valentine the last few years. (Don't worry, I still eat ice cream). Why not take advantage of the chance to wear pink, red, ruffles and hearts with the abandon of a five-year-old girl? Color Block Pleated Dress, Forever 21, $27.80
Tulip Dress, ASOS, $71.62
1940s Tea Dress, ASOS, $32.23
Ruffle Statement Dress, ASOS, $50.13

Ruffle Collar Shantung Dress, Target, $69.99
Jacquard Dress, Last Call Neiman Marcus, $83.25
Button Tab Dress, Target, $24.99
Cowl Flutter Sleeve Sweater Dress, Calvin Klein


Nora Bradshaw said...

I think of Valentine's day as a little restorative.

Soft, spring-like colors and prettiness and chocolate? Yes, please. Regardless of my status (single/married) at the time.

Jael Paris said...

I like the restorative idea. This winter's been so warm I already have spring fever.

becca said...

Nora, I like that way of thinking. February would be really gloomy without the brightness and lightness of Valentine's day.

Christine said...

I love the color pops for winter. These dresses are perfect too. I love the ones you picked