New York Fashion Week FW12: Marc By Marc, Marc Jacobs

Who: Marc by Marc Jacobs
What it made us think of: Throwback wartime style without any rationing
What we liked: Hats, retro dresses, full skirts, jackets, sometimes the boots
What we didn't: Pants that too closely resembling sweatpants, the same boots with everything
Who: Marc Jacobs
What it made us think of: Eccentric fashion pilgrims on a voyage of awesome headed for the Mad Hatter's tea party.
What we liked: Bold prints, big hats, exaggerated hips, layering, color, coats, knit safety pin wraps, shrugs
What we didn't: Pilgrim Shoes, 3/4 length skirts, crafty crinkle scarves, I love a big hat, but a lot of these got to Muppet-y.
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Jael Paris said…
Pimp is my word of choice for Marc's hats.
Jennifer Wells said…
I had a long, thoughtful reply. And then something went wrong with my laptop.

ANYWAY, I like the ankle strap shoes.

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