Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are an American staple. They carry cool along with them and give everything around it the same cool aura. Fussy white dress? A leather jacket gives it contrast. Blouse too blousey? A leather jacket provides structure. Slubby jeans? A leather jacket says you're cool with it. You could say the leather jacket is the most popular kid in the wardrobe. Leather, while totally laid back and easy going, tends to shun rain and wind though. That's okay. Rain and wind are jerks.

Which of these cool kids (mostly on clearance) do you want to invite to your closet?
Top: faux leather pleat front jacket, Yes Style $100
faux leather cropped biker jacket, Free People at Bloomingdale's $198
olive leather military jacket, United Face at Overstock $144.99 WANT!
Bottom: faux leather jacket with nipped waist, Mod Cloth $89.99 WANT!
brown ruffle leather jacket, United Face at Overstock $168.99
cream double zip scuba jacket, Wilson's Leather $179.99


Christine said…
I love leather jackets. They're one of my favorite pieces to complete an outfit
Awesome jacket love to wear it.
Max Paige said…
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Michael Bell said…
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