The Horror: Leg Muscle Leggings

Black Milk Clothing has a stunning variety of leggings that, were I the type to drop a week's worth of pay on leggings, I would be delighted to own.

Let me be extremely clear: Their Muscles Leggings would never, ever be found in my closet.

In fact, if Black Milk was paying me to wear them, I still might not do it. What sort of occasion, besides Halloween, is appropriate for looking as if you accidentally left your skin at home? Grocery shopping (Hm, I know I'm forgetting something... oh, right, leg of lamb)? Visiting a 6th grade science class (the young boys might be a little too interested)? Autopsies?

Even Blogger is a little bothered; when I uploaded the image, part of the file name (and you can look at the source code if you think me a liar) is "AAAAAAAAAH".

Say what you will about leggings, this takes revealing to a whole new, rather creepy level. Would you wear these out in public?


Vicki B. said…
Is it bad form to giggle at your own post? I wrote this a week ago; I forgot what I had typed. Good grief, I am easy entertained.
Anonymous said…
No ma'am, I would most certainly not.

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