Etsy Shop of the Week: Outpost 8

Shop: Outpost 8

Why We Love It: What's not to love about the "unique jewelry and video game geekery" Outpost 8 specializes in? Many of the items reference video games, but they are all so cute, it won't even matter if non-gamers don't get the reference. Plus, the shop offers adorable finds like these Angel & Devil earrings (picture) that will whisper good and evil to your conscious all day. (It's up to you which one your obey).

Price Range: $5 - $45

More Info: Get 20% off during the Valentine's sale by using the coupon code GEEKLUV.

Favorite Items: Your Conscience Earrings $16; Nintendo NES Controller Charm $9; Atari Joystick Charm $9; Xbox 360 Controller Charm $9; Super Mario Bros. 2 Inspired Earrings $20; Lucky Charms Marshmallow Rainbow Stud Earrings $6


Alia said…
Thank you for the feature! :)

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