Shoe Mystery

becca and I both own these purple double-strap mary janes. The mystery is that we bought them back in 2007 from Naturalizer. So why are they now for sale on Endless under the brand name Me Too? We don't own shoes like these, we own these. The one review is even from 2007 and mentions the same fluke of dye that we actually like.

I've seen designs pop up from one designer to another year after year, but this is the first time I've wondered if perhaps companies sell not only their designs but also their prototypes once they feel they've run their course.

Have any of you seen something like this before?


Anonymous said…
that is so strange! it could be possible though, hmm. xx
Elizabeth said…
Yes! I have a pair of Steve Maddens that are single strap mary janes (brown), and also have them in black under the Candies brand (from Kohls), and aqua color from Xhiliration (from Target). I guess that makes sense that the department store ones would want to mimic other styles, but I thought it was funny that they were all exactly the same.

The other funny thing is the Kohls and Target ones are more durable than the Madden ones! They have a little button cover on the side, and on my Madden ones, the button cover popped off! I had to super glue it back on (thank goodness I saw it come off and could recover it).

I am not sure if I could add pictures, but I could show you what i mean.

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