Pick of the Week: Curvy Cords

When the winter wind starts to bite, I shod my legs in denim armor. Daily jeans, however, can get really boring. I'd like to switch things up with some good ol' fashion whoosh-whoosh corduroy pants. Target currently has a curvy cut cord available in four neutral colors, and they're on clearance for $21.24. (Note, the reviews on Target.com suggest buying up a size.) I'm picturing these with a bright orange sweater and black distressed leather boots. How do you wear corduroys?


Fanya said…
Do you know where I can get wide wale corduroy pants for women?

Most corduroy I found are thin wale (angel hair pasta width) which are not that warm. the wide wale corduroy (spagetti width) so often found in menswear is virtually nonexistent in women wear. =(
Jennifer Wells said…
I haven't thought about cords in a long time, I should check out my local thrift shop. Yes, jeans do get predictable after awhile! As much as I love them. But when you go out in public (at least here) it's all you see--jeans, jeans, jeans, as far as the eye can see. Day, night, men, women, children, old, young.

rachel said…
My cords are hot pink ($4 super clearance from the gap a few years ago!) but because of the color, I don't wear them that often. My work is pretty conservative, so I only bust them out about once a month. The plus side is, that means that they're probably going to last me forever because they see so little wear.

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