Love or Loathe: Thing Bootie

Originally, this was going to be a horror. They're rubber, to start with, but you can't wear them as a rain boot. And if you wave your mouse over the color options on Endless, the shoe appears to morph. But is the awkwardly named Melissa Gaetano Pesce II bootie sort of avant garde cool? I wouldn't wear them myself, but I can see them working on the right person with the right style.


Unknown said…
Oh wow. Idk about these. They seem like they would be nice for fashion photos, but not for the everyday consumer.
Cait Throop said…
ok. From me they get an ugly! Though I do have to admit that sometimes ugly on the right person with the right outfit works. But I hate these!!
Nikell said…
I agree with Cait Throop. They an ugly from me as well. Someone MAY be able to make them look cute but I'm pretty firm on the ugly for right now.
becca said…
I can see them looking awesome in a music video or something. I'm sure someone could pull them off in real life, but it'd be tough.

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