Love or Loathe: Braids

Braids are great, especially when you need to camouflage the fact that you woke up too late to shower. Being a child of the 90s, I'm fond of the single braid in loose hair. They're also nice touches in certain updos (and despite the milkmaid jokes, I like heidi braids). But if you don't de-frizz your hair properly or wear the braid too long, it becomes a frizzy mess. So of course celebrities are wearing frizzy braids all over the red carpet lately. Nothing complements $600 shoes and a $1300 dress -- both of which were probably borrowed because celebrities are freaking cheap -- better than gym hair.
I don't care how popular Blake Lively is, the Olson's hair looks better.

Do you like braids? Can you wear any braid anywhere?


Cyndle said…
I LOVE braids! Especially a handful of random ones (a few at the crown, some from the nape of the neck/behind the ears)--they look a little funky and add an air of tribal toughness to an up- or down-do! I've been doing that for years, and I love it with big earthy looking earrings and a smudgy dark eye.
Cait Throop said…
I love braids, too! Maybe because I'm a 60s child and always will be! I think they look feminine and winsome--sort of a careless chic.
Jennifer Wells said…
I agree with Cyndle. I was a teenager during the 90s, so "funky" and "tribal toughness," sound good to me.
Nikell said…
Lol @ the $600 shoes and $1300 dress!!
I have always loved braids. I agree the Olsen braid is definitely better than the Lively braid.
Christine Rosko said…
I'm a 90s kid as well and love the braid. I love the Olsen's braid but I would probably find myself wearing one more like Blake's. I love braids but I'm not super talented where they are concerned.
Jael Paris said…
I think of braids and think of overly combed french braids worn with floral dresses with white lace collars.
becca said…
I love braids. Messy braids are one of the only hairdos that work with my super flyaway hair.

While I think they look a bit silly with fancy dresses on red carpets, I love a messy braid for casual days running errands. They are also great for outdoor parties, especially on windy days or boats.

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