Dress the 2012 Globes Nominee

Rooney Mara said before The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo, she always dressed very girly and feminine. That doesn't exactly work with her movie-related severe hair, but she's been doing a good job of dressing herself. Lots of leather. Lots of black. Lots of modern cuts. But let's swing her back to the feminine end of things. Even with the leather boots and being black, this Regency-inspired Alexander McQueen is terribly romantic (and works with severe hair, clearly). Branching out into color a wee bit, I'm head-over-heels for Azzedine Alaia's burgundy velvet and feather cocktail dress.
Kate Winslet used to be my girl -- anti-tan and anti-size 0, but lately she's been insisting that her tight new body came without a price, that playing with her kids is her only exercise. Kate, there's nothing wrong with saying you exercise. It's a far cry from botox. Anyway, she's been sporting a succession of tight, minimalist dresses on the red carpet lately, and I'd like to break her out of it. Armani Couture offers sharp lines, a body-conscious fit, and spots of femininity, the latter Kate's been lacking. For an even softer look, I love this spotty burgundy dress from Naeem Khan. It's sexy and fun (something else Kate's been missing).
Viola Davis is 46, and has an absolutely rocking body that she'll show off here and there without making it the center of attention (ahem someone else on this list). Her arms are especially toned, so I would showcase them in in this halter gown from Andrew Gn. The sickly green of this Elie Saab would make most women look seasick, but with Viola's dark complexion, she would be absolutely stunning. I'd wear it with gold heels and one chunky gold bracelet.
Shailene Woodley is the young star of Teenagers Who Only Think About Sex, but she's nominated for playing George Clooney's Daughter in The Descendants. That is all I know of her. When young stars make the leap from TV to movies, they often try to demonstrate their serious actor contention by dressing overly conservative. Shailene can avoid that mistake with bright colors and moderately sexy necklines. Both of these dresses are from Naeem Khan.
Evan Rachel Wood has an adventurous style, and I love even her missteps. Not matter what, it looks like she likes what she's wearing and has fun with clothes. Plus, her short hair is really cute. Her pale skin would glow in this tangerine gown from Jasmine Di Milo. If she's feeling more daring, she should snatch Paco Rabanne's body mapped metallic sex goddess dress. You can't go wrong as a sex goddess.


Anonymous said…
that top left dress is beyond perfect! great photos :)
becca said…
I would love to see Kate in something more fun. I don't even notice her in red carpet pics anymore.

Now I really want to see Evan Rachel Wood in the sex goddess dress. That would be incredible.
elite barcelona said…
Beautiful dresses !

Anonymous said…
These are amazing!

How does anyone choose???

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