Colorful Coats

Grey skies, muddied snow, brown grass, naked trees and cars turned chalky with salt and snow splatter all cast a cold, colorless spell on winter's dreary days. Break through the grey gloom with vivid, colorful coats.
Green Grosgrain Tie Coat, Top Shop, $150
Pink Collarless Coat, Old Navy, $49 (was $75)
Seafoam Peter Pan Collar Coat, ASOS, $172.71

Red Standing Collar Retro Coat, Vince Camuto, $239
Green Thinsulate Lady Day Coat, J. Crew, $229.99 (was $325)
Yellow Collarless Military Button Coat, Zappos, $84.99 (was $120)

Rust Belted Notch-Collar Coat, Nordstrom, $138.90 (was $278)
Wine Military Laced-Back Coat, Victoria's Secret, $139.99 (was $188)
Plum Pleated Skirt Coat, Kohl's, $110 (was $220)

Red Ruffle Lapel Coat, New York & Co., $51.98 (was $130)
Blue Reversible Belted Puffer, Victoria's Secret, $118
Red Quilted Coat, Lord & Taylor, $95 (was $190)


Jennifer Wells said…
I've been really drawn to yellow lately. In the past I hated it, as I did most pastels. Now I think it's a hopeful color.

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