There Is Love In the Red Sweaters*

Red is my favorite winter color. It looks so great against all the white snow, evergreen, and foreboding grey  skies. I've been waiting and waiting for Christmas to roll around so I could buy a red sweater. I love red yet someone only own one thing in that color. Which one should I buy?

Top: cable knit tunic sweater, Victoria's Secret $49.50 (sale)
cutout v-neck sweater, Guess $69
ruffle neck v-neck sweater, Lauren by Ralph Lauren at Lord & Taylor $55.72 (sale)
asymmetrical sweater, Victoria's Secret $29.50
Bottom: ruffle neck dolman sleeve sweater, Alfani at Macy's $34.50 (sale)
argyle v-neck, Target $19.99 
pointelle cowl neck sweater, Kohl's $36 (sale)
fair isle turtleneck tunic sweater, Tommy Hilfiger at Macy's $44.75 (sale)

*I've been wanting to use that title forever. You're welcome to the two people who get it.


becca said…
I'm usually a cowl sweater lover, but I think the cutout sweater is my favorite here.

Also, excellent title.
Cyndle said…
Love the two VS sweaters. And the nod to DC Talk! :)
Jennifer Wells said…
I think the bottom, second over from the right is my favorite. It looks warm and cozy.

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