Poll: Colorful Underwear and Embarrassing Stories

Two recent incidents involving red panties have made me rethink colorful underwear.* One day I put on my skinny jeans and discovered they were skinnier than I'd remembered. Not having time to change, I went to work. I thought my shirt would cover the problem, but it failed me. Every time I sat down or bent over, blazing red would peak out from my black clothes giving me the effect of a baboon butt. One a different day, I also happened to be wearing red panties, but this time with a skirt and tights. There was a tear in the tights, which I noticed when I was putting my shoes on in an rather unladylike manner. Good thing I don't sit with my legs open in a skirt because it was a wee bit suggestive.

I'm thinking I'll stick with black and beige undies from here on out. They don't draw attention to areas best ignored.

*And this post makes me rethink FMF's autofeed to my Facebook. There are some things my aunts and professors don't need know.


becca said…
I mostly own beige undies. They're the most versatile since they don't show throw light pants and they aren't terribly noticeable if my bottoms ride down.

But I love fun colors. I'm just really careful about when I wear them. They stay hidden under thick leggings, black sweater dresses and higher-rise denim.
Bronnie said…
I love my colourful and printed undies. I refuse to buy white or beige. But if i'm dressing for a special occasion i will try to match my undies to the rest of my outfit even if there is no way anyone is going to see them.
Jael Paris said…
I match my bras to my clothing. It's sort of the opposite of undies. I feel like a beige strap screams "Look at my bra!" but a strap that matches or compliments my outfit fades into the background.
Susanelle said…
I have all the colors of underpants plus black and white, because I want to get some clean underwear out of every load of laundry I do.

I have to say: I always think of the word "panties" as a term only men use. I don't like to infantilize my undergarments.

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