Gift Guide: Gift Cards

Fashion gifts can be tricky especially when it comes to guessing sizes, which differ by brand. Sometimes, it's just easier to give a gift card. While gift cards don't always seem like the warmest gifts, you can make it more personal with a little creativity and thought. These gift cards let you give a totally unique gift without the guess work.

Personalized Denim:
Give the gift of custom-made jeans. Sites like Indi Custom and Thimble allow you to design your own jeans, submit your measurements and receive jeans made just for you. Both sites offer gift cards so you can save your friend (and yourself) from hours of agonizing jeans shopping.

Designer Handbags for Rent:
I think we all have a bag-obsessed loved one in our lives. They want the latest designer bag even if their annual income is less than the cost of that bag. Well, give them to chance to rent the dream with a gift card to Bag, Borrow or Steal, a service that lets you rent designer bags and accessories. This is an especially great gift for a friend who has a big event coming up.

Dream Shoes:
We all have an idea in our heads about what the perfect shoe looks like. We rarely find that shoe in a store in our size at a price we can afford that day. Shoes of Prey lets you design your own shoe for the perfect look in the perfect size. (They have sizes 2 1/2 to 15!) The gift cards allow you to pick out the type of shoe and cover shipping for the recipient too.

Beauty By Mail:
If you know someone with a monthly beauty budget, you may think there is no other beauty gift to give her, but Beautyfix lets you give treat her of a beauty subscription. Every three months, a delightful assortment of 8 products will arrive in the mail just like her fashion magazines. Check out our Beautyfix review from last year.

Since some of these gifts are expensive, consider teaming up with friends and family. Most of these sites offer gift cards in smaller amounts so each person can buy one to contribute to the larger gift.


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