Gift Guide: DIY Fashion & Beauty Gifts

Last year I wrote a post about d0-it-yourself fashionable Christmas gifts, which seemed to be a big hit. (Check out that post since all the ideas would still be great for this year). Since the, the internet has gifted us with a whole slew of new DIY ideas for cheap and chic gifts you can make yourself. What's not to love about saving money and avoiding the holiday shopping frenzy while giving loved-ones unique, handmade gifts?

Super Budget-Friendly
Sometimes DIY can actually cost quite a bit more than we'd like, but doing something yourself can also allow you to transform everyday items into fabulous fashion. P.S. I Made This took scissors to 2 yards of fabric to make a cute cape. Paperclips can become fashionable earrings with the addition of some string and earring wires. A re-purposed picture frame, a small piece of chicken wire and a couple cute hooks can team up to make a wall-ready jewelry display.
Turn a shirt collar and some jewelry chain into a chic collared chain necklace. Upscale simple strands of plastic pearls by creating a chunky pearl necklace à la Carrie Bradshaw. Fashion a necklace chain (or broken necklace) and fabric scraps into a pom pom bib necklace with the help of a little felt and hot glue.
Carryalls for All Skill Levels
If you're a strict no-sew kind of gal, create a coin purse with leather scraps, leather laces, scissors and a hole punch. (Make it bigger for a bucket bag or use print fabric to make fun gift bags). If you can handle a little sewing, try transforming a zippered pillowcase into a simple tote. (Tip: I spotted zippered pillowcases at the dollar store). This is a higher difficulty level, but this organizer wallet could make a great gift for the guys and gals in your life.
High-end, all-natural, handmade beauty items cost a fortune, but most of the ingredients can be found in your kitchen (or at the grocery store). Stuff stockings with tiny tubs of three-ingredient lip balm or make a sampler of different flavors. Mix up a variety of homemade body scrubs using everything from simple sea salt to fancy frankincense. Make bath time a buzz with this homemade honey-based, foaming bath soap. If honey's not your speed, get fizzy with Lush-style bath bombs. Or get the same fizz from Martha Stewart's frilly-shaped bath fizzies.
Speaking of Martha, she's the queen of DIY so it only makes sense that she has some great ideas. This no-knit scarf will make even the coldest winter days warm and fuzzy. Only Martha can take a simple canvas tote to the hardware store and come home with her version of a Paddington bag. If you have a bunch of tired handbags hanging around, take Martha's tips for giving bags a lift so you can re-purpose them as gift bags for other holiday gifts (like a bunch of homemade beauty products).
Do you have any DIY gift tips to share? Homemade gifts have been some of my favorites over the years. Do you have any found memories of homemade delights?

Top Image Source: Martha Stewart


Marta Costa said…
I only found this post now but I believe that it's better late than never :)
Thank you for featuring my jewelry display!
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