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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Contrast Collars

This post could very well be a love or loathe. While I love a blue dress shirt with white collar and French cuffs, a twee top with white Peter Pan collar feels rather childish. However, with the popularity of these tops, other people clearly disagree with me. At least they have some variety.Top: bead trim button down, Victoria's Secret $79.50
cat print bow top, Mod Cloth $45
blue silk top, French Connection at Bloomingdale's $138
Bottom: black swing top, ASOS $54
pea green dot top, Mod Cloth $95
lace collar top, Urban Outfitters $59
high neck cord trim top, ASOS $69 (Not technically a collar, but so pretty.)

What do you think of contrast collars? (And will someone vouch for those Mod Cloth tops? I don't like the cut of their jib.)


Susanelle said...

I like all those tops... except maybe the green pussy-bow one from Modcloth... but even that I would wear if I got it for free. It could make for a very funky outfit.

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