Capes, Because You're A Retro Superhero

Every morning I do a little dance to get my puffy sleeve shirt into the warm and tight sleeves of my jackets. 3/4 sleeves are the worst. Whether they cluster at the elbow or (eek!) armpit, fishing them out is really annoying. Capes are a great way to avoid the sleeve dance, and they always make me think of early 1970s super spies. Since I'm bottom heavy, I'd get a cropped one or one that cinches at the waist but has free arms. They look great with pants and pencil skirts.

Jolt cape coat
$78 -

Cape coat
$80 -

Long coat
$100 -

Forever21 cape coat
$38 -

Snow News Is Good News Cape
$85 -

8000 nerve
$93 -

$86 -


becca said…
I absolutely love that Jolt Cape from Nordstrom. Love!

I was just thinking about needing a cap this morning when I got dressed. I wanted to wear my kimono sleeve top, but I have no jackets that will co-operate.
Nikell said…
I am so into capes this season. They are really easy to make too. Here's a how -to I did for one:
The Spot said…
I've got one. It's quite warm but really comfy! :)

nice blog, anyway
you are more than welcome to visit mine :

kiss kiss

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