Autumnal Scarves

As it gets colder, you layer. The past couple weeks, I've been hooked on my cowlneck sweaters. To plug the draft around my neck, I've double wrapped a colorful scarf and tucked it under my top. People keep complimenting the look. I'll confess, it's a nearly brainless way to stay warm and matching fall colors may take even less thought. If like me, your wardrobe is currently spilling over with brown, orange, burgundy, plum, mustard and teal, here are some scarves that will keep you stylishly toasty.Top: red floral snood, ASOS $26.96
yellow wildflower circle scarf, Urban Outfitters $24
green stripes long rectangle scarf, Coldwater Creek $34.95
Middle: olive long floral scarf, Nordstrom $44.90 (sale)
yellow bird large square scarf, Jessica Simpson at Zappos $38
long silk equestrian scarf, Ralph Lauren $42
plaid large square fringe scarf, Lori's Shoes $20
Bottom: ruffle long rectangle scarf, Anthropologie $48
teal and brown square pleat scarf, Nordstrom $22.90 (sale)
geometric wool circle scarf, ASOS $18.87 (sale)


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