Touch Screen Gloves

While I hate to think about winter, we've already had a few glove-worthy days so it's time to prepare. Freezing hands are no fun. I recently broke down and joined the smart phone crowd. It was time, and now there's no going back. Since smart phones don't like gloves, I need add a pair of touch screen-friendly gloves to my collection. These gloves have conductive materials in the index finger and thumb so your can use all the touch screens on your iPad/iPod/SmartPhone ect. (You can even use them on a community touch screens in the grocery store self-checkout aisle, which is awesome because I hate touching those during cold season). Top Row:
Ruched Wool Tech Touch Gloves, Zappos, $32
Print Wool & Angora Tech Touch Gloves, Zappos, $38
Model Blend Ruched Tech Touch Gloves, Zappos $35 (more colors)
Middle Row:
Sporty SmarTouch Gloves, Macy's, $42
Faux Leather Cuff Stretch SmarTouch Gloves, Macy's, $42
Fleece Tech Touch Gloves, Macy's, $34
Bottom Row:
Leather Button Cuff Tec Touch Gloves, 180s, $75 (more colors)
Wool Blend Tech Touch Gloves, Lord & Taylor's, $32 (more colors)
Leather Ruched Tec Touch Gloves, 180s, $80 (more colors)

For those on a budget (or really attached to their current gloves) another option is adding conductive thread to a pair of existing gloves. Conductive thread is usually only available in large spools, but you can buy five yards here for about $3. This video will help you make your own tech gloves. (I'm not sure how this process would work with leather.)


Jael Paris said…
Of course I like the $80 ones.

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