Shoe Shopping Struggles: Small Feet, Big Feet

If your feet fall outside of the 6 to 10 range, you may have trouble finding shoes in your size. I know I lot of women under size 6 or over size 10 who get frustrated with the availability of shoes in their size. (The fringe sizes of 6 and 10 can even be rare). When shoe makers do make these sizes, they often make less of them, which means they sell out quickly.

For the petite feet of the world, The Odd Slipper has just launched user driven shoe shopping site that creates exactly what you, the small footed customer, wants in sizes 4 to 5.5. Each week, three shoe designs are put to a vote. The top shoes are then put into production. This way, they are sure to make the shoes you want, and you have constant control over the selection available to you. They will even be featuring different guest designers as time goes on so the mix is sure to be constantly evolving. The quality and pricing is yet to be seen, but the change to player buyer for the company is a really cool feature. (Pictured Left: Riley Boot, The Odd Slipper, Price TBD)

For those with a broader foundation (myself included), BarefootTess insists that style doesn't stop at size 10. In fact, they carry up to a 15 and start at a 9.5. They even carry the ever elusive over 10 half sizes up to a 13.5 and some wide widths. All our petitie feet freinds who want the same stunning styles we score on BarefootTess can look to Tess' sister site, Lori's Shoes for styles range from 5 to 11. (Pictured Right: Bradford Cutout Bootie, Barefoot Tess, $99)

A few other options:
  • Naturalizer carries sizes 4 to 13 with half sizes up to 10.5 (my personal favorite brand).
  • Fitzwell Shoes, found on Zappos and 6pm, come in sizes 4 to 14 with a width range from narrow to 9E.
  • Avenue carries shoes in wide and double wide widths up to a 13. They're boots also have wider calves.
  • Van Eli shoes, found on Zappos and 6pm, come in sizes 4 to 13 with narrow to double wide widths.
  • Naot Shoes, also found on Zappos and 6pm, come in sizes 4 to 13.
This is hardly a complete list. A few other brands worth looking into include Stuart Weitzman, Finn Comfort and Munro American. Those of you with smaller- or larger-than-average feet, where do you find your shoes? Which brands are your favorite?


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