Pick of the Week: Velvet Blazer

Fall means velvet blazers. Sure, it also means colorful leaves and hot apple ciders, bonfires and booties, but I can't do fall without a velvet blazer. In fact, I have four. J. Crew, who I am beginning to suspect has a line to my inmost thoughts, offers a velvet "schoolboy" blazer every fall. They always have the standard shades of black, brown and blue, but the other colors change each year. This year they also have blush pink, bright orange and chartreuse. The blazer is available in tall and regular. It's $168, but expect remaining colors to go on super clearance toward the end of the season.


Jennifer Wells said…
I have velvet blazers on the brain, too. I have a beautiful teal blazer, but I can't find it right now!

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