Paris Fashion Week SS12: Akris, Dries Van Noten, Haider Ackermann

Who: Akris
What it made us think of: How to reference cars without using children's bed sheets (1966's Grand Prix was the inspiration for this sleek collection)
What we liked: Dresses with racing stripes, harness bags, photo manipulation prints, speedometer print
What we didn't: Sheer dresses, fishnet dress, overly minimal clothes
Unsure About: Pictures of cars and race spectators. It was kind of quirky without taking over the look so I might be OK with it.
Who: Dries Van Noten
What it made us think of: Classic Cristobal Balenciaga shapes walking past a projector of showing stunning photographs from around the world.
What we liked: Prints, textures, 1950's couture shapes, jackets, pants, shoes
What we didn't: Nothing really
Who: Haider Ackermann
What it made us think of: How to steal from your boyfriend's closest/How to dress using random fabric decor items
What we liked: Menswear inspiration, pants, draping, jackets, shiny oxfords
What we didn't: Lack of upper torso coverage, everything was shiny
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