Milan Fashion Week SS12: Prada, Dolce & Gabbana

Who: Prada
What it made us think of: 1950s cars on 1960s shapes with a Project Runway materials budget.
What we liked: full skirts, a total lack of minis, lace, lemon, red, pleats, car references, jewel embellishments, sunglasses, swimsuits, the freak-mazing shoes
What we didn't: blousey bandeaus (any bandeaus), baby blue, prints that looked like a child's bedsheets, forceful imagery that felt like gimmicky kitsch, the fact that I blog with two Detroiters who may shun me for calling all this vintage car stuff "gimmicky kitsch"Who: Dolce & Gabbana
What it made us think of: Attending a summer afternoon yacht party on the Mediterranean in 1955. When the host dies in a freak birthday cake accident, the guests throw a lingerie themed funeral.
What we liked: oversized botanical prints, vegetables, retro silhouettes, straw bags, lace, heavy embellishment
What we didn't: Stop trying to make diaper shorts happen! Food is fun as a print but feels kitschy as jewelry.
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