Milan Fashion Week SS12: Cavalli, Armani, Missoni

Who: Roberto Cavalli
What it made us think of: An almost-neon version of the gilded ceilings and walls in the Vatican.
What we liked: Gold, pleats, vivid prints, pants, jackets, detail work, dresses
What we didn't: --
Who: Emporio Armani
What it made us think of: A creepy future where everyone dons nearly identical, but very sharp, uniforms.
What we liked: Black and white, neck tie/choker things, jackets, swirl/ruffle hems
What we didn't: Some spots got a little boring and repetitive.
Who: Giorgio Armani
What it made us think of: What mermaids would wear on dry land.
What we liked: The shiny fabric, sleek shapes
What we didn't: Sometimes the 64 look collection got boring and some of the shiny fabric looked cheap.
Who: Missoni
What it made us think of: Tribal party girls on a fashion safari (and maybe some sort of drug).
What we liked: Bright colors, swoopy layers, vivid prints, fringe necklaces, knits
What we didn't: Overwhelming fringe, weirdly placed sheer
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Caitlin said…
I love all of these and I really like your pros and cons!

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