Love or Loathe: The Shoe of the Season

As I've seen versions of this ubiquitous shoe everywhere from Target to Net-a-Porter, it must be the shoe of the season. I sort of growl that last bit like it's a phrase from a horror movie trailer, because that's how I feel about these shoes. They're horrible and predictable. (They may kill teenagers, too, for all I know.) They would look awkward with dresses, and they're horribly plain. becca and I felt the fold-over version is maybe doable, but the ones with eh contrast wedge must go away. How do you feel about them?
Why is this boot everywhere?!

Diesel platform boots, $320
Marc by Marc Jacobs platform shoes, $325
Steve Madden wedge bootie, $99
Enzo angiolini shoes, $130
N.d.c. wedge heel shoes, $535
Dollhouse wedge boot, $40


Bella3Boutique said…
LOVE the Shoe - HATE the wedge! When oh when will the wedge go away and leave me alone?
Catie D. said…
Agreed - they'd be much cuter with a stacked heel.
Cait Throop said…
Hate, hate, hate the wedge with this shoe, too! Go away!

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